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The problem with power for Canada

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

I believe that governments need to feel the pressure that they can replaced at any time if they don’t act in the best interests of the people of the country.  If they don’t have to worry about remaining in power it is only a matter of time before they start to rot from within.  They will take the voters for granted and push their own agenda regardless of the realities of the world that don’t support their perceptions.

In the past, I found the ruling Liberals who thought of themselves as the “natural governing party” gave the appearance that they were corrupt although not proven in court and they knew what was needed more than the people would know, that they could spend our money better than we could.

I am starting to sense a similar attitude from the governing Conservatives, they have an agenda but it is not a centrist agenda but more from the political right.  I’ve seen enough lately to fear moving in the direction of the United States, to me, the US has changed and become something that is dangerous to free people in the world.   They have become a country of extreme positions where compromise and for the good of the people have become irrelevant.

In the United States, you have the mythology that you too can be President or really succeed as a free independent citizen.  That may be true for a very small percentage of the population, likely in the 1% that hold all the power and the wealth of the country, that leaves the other 99% struggling to survive and thrive with no safety net.  Americans have a real distrust of governments and they are always citing their constitution about their rights and freedoms, they seem to forget about responsibilities.  States have enacted laws based upon propositions such as we want a good education but someone else should pay for it, a number of states have laws which allow citizens to kill someone if they feel threatened yet we have the recent case in Florida where it appears that a man used this power to threatened a teenager coming home from the store and then shoot him and he’s not considered guilty of any crime.  There is no real social conscience in the American way of life.  Now the Obamacare bill is being challenged in the Supreme Court which is dominated by the Republicans and one can only guess that they will over turn this small step to protect Citizens from financial ruin should they get sick and require hospital care or medications to live.  America has lost its soul.  I don’t think their founding fathers wanted people packing guns with the freedom to basically kill anyone that bothers them, nor did they want people to not have access to health care.  It’s funny when you hear about average citizens saying that they want less government yet don’t touch their Medicare or Social Security or Unemployment Insurance or their food stamps.  Ignorance about what their government does for them is widespread and its flames are fanned by rather radical politicians on the extreme left or right.

Now in Canada, we are seeing the governing Conservatives ignore the realities and they are sticking to their unfounded beliefs that Crime is rampant, Justice is not working, Punishments aren’t fitting the crimes.  From my understanding crime is down overall, Justice needs a bit of tweaking to have some consistency in punishments but we don’t really need mandatory sentences.  These are very costly assumptions on their part, we don’t need every criminal in jail.  For cold-blooded murder you get 25 years before you are eligible for parole, for some comparatively minor offences you end up with similar sentences.  Again the pendulum of justice just needs to be adjusted not replaced with mandatory jail time.  The punishment should really fit the crime.

I am beginning to wonder if the Conservatives are trying to emulate the Americans.  We are not America, they have a wonderful country but I would not choose to be an American because I believe that Canada is a better place to live.   We have a better quality of life, it isn’t perfect but as the American’s are wont to state “democracy is a flawed system” but what you replace it with.  My vote goes to a system such as Canada’s, Australia’s, and other social democracies.


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Ottawa Snowfall – 2011-2012

From the Environment Canada web site:

OTTAWA MACDONALD-CARTIER INT’L A, HAMILTON A, DEER LAKE A, GANDER INT’L A, ST.JOHN’S A, SASKATOON DIEFENBAKER INT’L A, LONDON INT’L A, SAULT STE. MARIE A, EDMONTON INT’L A, YARMOUTH A, THUNDER BAY A, CHURCHILL A and SMITHERS A weather reporting stations have switched over to new NAV CANADA sensors and reporting tools. Due to some unanticipated data processing issues related to the new data flow, the display of daily data from these stations is not available on our website at present. However, hourly data is now being displayed for the new stations: OTTAWA INT’L, HAMILTON, DEER LAKE, GANDER INT’L, ST. JOHN’S INT’L, SASKATOON DIEFENBAKER INT’L, LONDON, SAULT STE MARIE, EDMONTON, YARMOUTH, THUNDER BAY, CHURCHILL and SMITHERS.  For more information, please click here and expand the message. Thank you for your patience while we work to fix these current issues.

So no data for the forseeable future.


Environment Canada has changed the data collection process and has not provided an update to Ottawa since Dec 14, 2011 which is the same as the table above.  There appears to be a new table for Ottawa International.  It is not known how long it will be before additional data will be available.  The originating data is a mess, the December total is a partial figure from 2 different tables with a large hole in the middle of the data.  Basically December’s data is unreliable.  January data is full of gaps as is February.

I won’t be updating this as often as I had in previous years, I will probably update it a couple of times a month depending upon the snow activity.  I was finding it a lot of effort for minor changes, I had received requests for detailed analysis of the data but it’s only a compilation from the Environment Canada weather information available to anyone.

It’s looking like we might get back to normal snowfall by January, we need the moisture don’t need the shovelling.

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Age Activated ADD

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

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Video – The English Language Challenged By A 102 Year Old

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A dog’s love

Navy SEAL hero Jon Tumilson was killed in Afghanistan. His loyalty to his country was reflected in his dog’s loyalty to him. His Labrador retriever Hawkeye moved the nation when he lay down next to Tumilson’s coffin to bid farewell. The video of Hawkeye’s final tribute to his fallen friend has logged almost 7 million YouTube hits.

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We get too soon old and too late smart.

This is a very stressful time of year for many people.  It’s supposed to be about family but it seems that many people have to go it alone.  Someone has done someone wrong and it can’t be forgiven nor forgotten, let’s carry on with the “war”.  Sometimes, it’s just time to let it go.  It amazes me that some people remember every little event (make that a transgression) and bring it up as an example whenever such an opportunity presents itself.  In my life, it seems to be the women that have this trait.  When I am reminded of something I did wrong I try to remember what I did and often I draw a blank.  What’s a guy to do?

I found out this morning that one of my favorite radio personalities passed away at the young age of 52.  Kevin Nelson had contracted a virus on vacation over a year ago, he had to leave the airwaves due to ill-health earlier this year.  He succumbed this morning.  He was the son of “Jungle Jay Nelson”, a well-known radio personality who had died in 1994 at the age of 57.  You never know when it will be over for you or a loved one.

I know of another woman whose daughter recently had a new baby but she’s not allowed to be a part of this childs life.  It seems that the woman made a decision that the daughter disagreed with and now she’s being cut out of this daughter’s life.  Forget that the woman took care of the daughter in recent years with the birth of the first grandchild and provided a place for them to live.  The disapproved action was a one timer that is now over and not likely to be repeated but it seems not to matter to the daughter, the mother has erred or sinned in her eyes and cannot be forgiven.  Time to ask yourself, “what if something happens to any of us?”, will it weigh heavily on their hearts for what they didn’t do?

Another woman I know is full of hatred and anger.  Imagine living your life with a lens of anger, everything you see or do is tainted by your bias.  Nothing brings joy nor happiness, she is miserable and judges everything and everybody as being unworthy or worthless.  A good dose of amnesia would be a blessing in this case.  It has to be eating away at her every minute of her life.  She hates men, basically all men for their perceived transgressions.

I find it interesting that there are different rules for a wife’s family and a husband’s family.  It is usually the husband’s family that gets short shrift.  That “family” component isn’t as important as her “family”.  Two sets of rules and two sets of behaviours.  I see this behaviour in a number of people who I know.

It is not uncommon, in my view, that sometimes the anger can’t be traced back to its origin.  It’s not that it wasn’t justified at the time, it may be a perception and not fully understood by the party who has offended.  The one who is angry has often failed to communicate the problem.  The estranged one is at a loss as to “why” but has to learn to just accept what it happening.  Sometimes it’s just best to let it go, reconciliation is not an option.

As I said we get too soon old and too late smart.  As we age, we know that our time here on this earth is dwindling and if someone doesn’t want you in their life we just have to accept it and move on and live our lives.  Banging your head against a wall is a painful experience but stop banging and the pain subsides.

Merry Christmas and may you have a good family celebration.

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