America – the land of hatred

The United States is on a downward spiral into an era similar to the McCarthy years.  The average citizen is becoming more inward looking, thinking only of themselves and people of like mind.  They spew hated towards blacks, Hispanics,, Muslims, LGBT, and anyone who disagrees with them.  They have a new spokesperson in the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party Presidential candidate.  He uses innuendo much like McCarthy to smear people, incite hate towards those not like them.   It’s kind of sad that many of the people in the Republican Party support it without question, yet this is the party trying only to protect big money.  The party doesn’t care about middle and lower income families.

The hatred has spread to the youth of today, not just in America but in many places, “haters going to hate”.  It’s so easy to use strong words like hate using social media, to attack people for the fun of it.  Not that long ago, people didn’t spread these feelings and comment publicly, maybe because there wasn’t the anonymity of social media.

With the situation in the middle east, most of which was precipitated by American actions, people in the States don’t want to help the innocent people that are suffering because of this mess and barbarity of groups like ISIL or the Syrian Government.  You have wars and other violence between different sects of Islam, intolerance of other religions and exportation of terrorist acts against the west.

So much is going wrong in America and there is no one who can lead them out of the darkness and into the light.  It’s sad for them, but it is worse for neighboring countries that deal with the fallout of failed drug policies, violence, gun culture, no respect for anyone else.

We’ll see if things are worse than during the cold war, if we keep going along this path as world citizens, we are doomed to self destruction.


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