Ottawa Snowfall – 2011-2012

From the Environment Canada web site:

OTTAWA MACDONALD-CARTIER INT’L A, HAMILTON A, DEER LAKE A, GANDER INT’L A, ST.JOHN’S A, SASKATOON DIEFENBAKER INT’L A, LONDON INT’L A, SAULT STE. MARIE A, EDMONTON INT’L A, YARMOUTH A, THUNDER BAY A, CHURCHILL A and SMITHERS A weather reporting stations have switched over to new NAV CANADA sensors and reporting tools. Due to some unanticipated data processing issues related to the new data flow, the display of daily data from these stations is not available on our website at present. However, hourly data is now being displayed for the new stations: OTTAWA INT’L, HAMILTON, DEER LAKE, GANDER INT’L, ST. JOHN’S INT’L, SASKATOON DIEFENBAKER INT’L, LONDON, SAULT STE MARIE, EDMONTON, YARMOUTH, THUNDER BAY, CHURCHILL and SMITHERS.  For more information, please click here and expand the message. Thank you for your patience while we work to fix these current issues.

So no data for the forseeable future.


Environment Canada has changed the data collection process and has not provided an update to Ottawa since Dec 14, 2011 which is the same as the table above.  There appears to be a new table for Ottawa International.  It is not known how long it will be before additional data will be available.  The originating data is a mess, the December total is a partial figure from 2 different tables with a large hole in the middle of the data.  Basically December’s data is unreliable.  January data is full of gaps as is February.

I won’t be updating this as often as I had in previous years, I will probably update it a couple of times a month depending upon the snow activity.  I was finding it a lot of effort for minor changes, I had received requests for detailed analysis of the data but it’s only a compilation from the Environment Canada weather information available to anyone.

It’s looking like we might get back to normal snowfall by January, we need the moisture don’t need the shovelling.


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6 Responses to Ottawa Snowfall – 2011-2012

  1. Ann Benson says:

    Kodiak Snowblowing has been maintaining a database of information for snowfall accumulation totals in Ottawa on its website ( since 2006. We compiled these statistics with the help of Environment Canada until the winter of 2011-12, at which point we started recording cumulative totals based upon our own readings (taken in Stittsville only). For the 2012-13 winter season however, we started following Ian Black’s Live Weather blog on the CBC website at We have found this blog to be a very useful source of information.

  2. Maury Miloff says:

    2012/2013 sure has been a snowy month. Maybe the kind that comes, as your data suggests above, every 4 or 8 years.

  3. Maury Miloff says:

    Thank you for the info on the snowfall. Very nice that you put this together. I am also keen on this kind of info. Merci!

  4. Forestdragon says:

    Environment Canada Changed the supplier and the data is a mess. Try this link Copy it into your address bar. You can see the daily data under 2 different titles. Ottawa Macdonald Cartier Int’l goes up to mid Dec 2011, Ottawa Int’l supposedly has the daily data from Dec 16 to date. Try it out.

  5. Steve says:

    Hi Would you have the daily snow fall for Nov-Dec 2011 and Jan-Feb 2012?

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