America – the land of hatred

The United States is on a downward spiral into an era similar to the McCarthy years.  The average citizen is becoming more inward looking, thinking only of themselves and people of like mind.  They spew hated towards blacks, Hispanics,, Muslims, LGBT, and anyone who disagrees with them.  They have a new spokesperson in the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party Presidential candidate.  He uses innuendo much like McCarthy to smear people, incite hate towards those not like them.   It’s kind of sad that many of the people in the Republican Party support it without question, yet this is the party trying only to protect big money.  The party doesn’t care about middle and lower income families.

The hatred has spread to the youth of today, not just in America but in many places, “haters going to hate”.  It’s so easy to use strong words like hate using social media, to attack people for the fun of it.  Not that long ago, people didn’t spread these feelings and comment publicly, maybe because there wasn’t the anonymity of social media.

With the situation in the middle east, most of which was precipitated by American actions, people in the States don’t want to help the innocent people that are suffering because of this mess and barbarity of groups like ISIL or the Syrian Government.  You have wars and other violence between different sects of Islam, intolerance of other religions and exportation of terrorist acts against the west.

So much is going wrong in America and there is no one who can lead them out of the darkness and into the light.  It’s sad for them, but it is worse for neighboring countries that deal with the fallout of failed drug policies, violence, gun culture, no respect for anyone else.

We’ll see if things are worse than during the cold war, if we keep going along this path as world citizens, we are doomed to self destruction.

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RMR: Rick’s Rant – Veterans’ Pensions

The Conservative Government thinks that it doesn’t owe Service Personnel nor Veterans anything. They are a disgrace to Canada.

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Are the Conservatives Past Their Best Before Date in Ottawa

We are well into the life of the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper.  In the early days we were warned of a hidden agenda.  They are morphing into an ultra conservative government.  I haven’t always agreed with their policies but I appreciated and supported a number of policies that were different from the previous Liberal Government.  Lately they have been playing to their core support and started pissing off a lot of us that supported them in the past elections.

I am finding that they are starting to implement actions which I have trouble supporting.  My problem and perhaps theirs is that the number of issues are growing quite rapidly and I am not willing to continue my support of the Conservatives.

The issues that I am having problems with are:

1.  The treatment of our Veterans is not acceptable.  They argued that the Country doesn’t owe them anything, yet the Country asked them to go into harms way and risk their lives, we lost 158 service personnel and with thousands of personnel having served over 10 years we have a large number of people who were wounded/disabled and/or affected (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  After WWII, Korea, UN and NATO service we had service personnel who needed help.  We are failing to help them.

2.  They seem to be hung up on gun registration and certification.

3.  They are reneging on agreements for government retirees.

4. Their treatment of the First Nations people, they need dignity and solutions to improve their life situation, we can’t just throw money at them but we should say we are doing something and doing nothing.  We should be ashamed of how we have treated first nations people.

5. They are pushing tar sands development and pipelines but they are saying fuck the environment.  It’s all about resources and forget the rest of the country’s manufacturing and let’s screw the unions and non union workers.

6. Can we believe them?  They say there is a crime problem and we need stiffer sentences yet crime is down.  The Law and Order agenda is bogus and appeals to the conservative base.

7. Much as I dislike what the 3 senators are accused of, they are owed due process and the PMO doesn’t have the right to deny it just for political expediency.  This stinks to high heaven.  So the Prime Minister wants to have a “good” Conservative convention and he will deny “innocent until proven guilty” rights to 3 senators.  If the Senate rules were crystal clear there wouldn’t be an issue but they seem to be very loose and open to interpretation.  Stephen Harper is a bully.

8. They have declared war on public servants.  They don’t trust the people who work for them and are removing hard won rights from contracts, such as removing ability for groups to seek arbitration and force them into conciliation/strike.  Destroying the sick leave provisions replacing it with short term disability yet they support and allow senior management to abuse their employees.  The work environment is poisoned by lack of trust and understanding.  It’s no wonder that there are so many workers suffering from stress related illness.  The Government has removed any negotiation over which employees are deemed essential and they can make it impossible for a strike to put any pressure on the government.  They are the judges, jury, and executioners and if they don’t like the solution they can pass a law to give them what they want.

9.  We have seen Stephen Harper throw everyone under the bus and say he isn’t responsible for anything.  The PMO has fucked up the 3 Senator situation.  The Prime Minister would have us believe that everyone acted without his knowledge yet it wasn’t that long ago that he said the Paul Martin as the leader of the Government and Liberals  was responsible for Shawinigate.  Can’t have it both ways.

10. The Canadian government is dodging fire over the revelation that more  than two-thirds of all requests to a group tasked with burying  impoverished war veterans are rejected.

The Canadian Press reported the Last Post Fund turns away two-thirds of all the applications it receives for a federal burial fund. And those that it does help are limited to a government stipend of $3,600 — less than most social assistance programs.

more to come.

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From This Hour has 22 minutes….

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One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete

Global warming is too colossal of an issue to summarize on a whiteboard, but the way this guy divides the possible futures of humanity makes a lot of sense. Skip to 1:28 for the whiteboard magic.

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Talking with yourself, 20 years later…..

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Another ordination…..ULC

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